Çerez Örnek
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On May 20, 1955, temporary Article 4 of the "Law on the Establishment of a University in İzmir with the name of Ege University" numbered 6595, which was accepted in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, gave the Ministry of Public Works the task of making all kinds of construction belonging to Ege University. This Ministry has been authorized and responsible for construction projects, construction and supervision of construction. However, since the Ministry of Public Works, which is responsible for all the official constructions all over the country, can not carry out the urgent needy buildings of Ege University at the expected speed, Dr. Mustafa ULUÖZ during the period of 09.10.1962 Senate of the draft law prepared for the university to take over the construction authority of the university was accepted and presented to the Ministry of National Education. However, the desired result was not obtained. It was decided to establish a Construction Bureau in the Rectorate in 1965 during the Senate's 28 September 1965 session. The bureau, later called "Independent Control Science Delegation", was the beginning of the current Department. 3. Rector Professor on the transfer of construction authority to Ege University. Dr. Although the draft law prepared in the Celal SARAÇ period was approved by the Senate decision of 187.12.1965 and re-offered to the Ministry of National Education, only the portion that increased the yellow construction amount in the coming years was accepted and the University was not given full authority. Desired result, however, 4. Rector Prof. Dr. Vehbi GÖKSEL was realized with the law number 927 dated 27.07.1967. The "Construction Maintenance and Science Delegation Directorate" has been restructured with the decision of the Senate on 04.09.1973 day and 4th. In 1975 this unit became the "Department of Building and Science Affairs" and in 1983 it became the "Department of Construction and Technical Affairs".
Our department, our university, carries out activities related to sub and super structure in the entire settlement. We try to improve these activities every period considering the criteria stated in our mission and vision.

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