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The 8500-year-old Izmir, based on the neolithic roots of its roots, is one of the rare cities of the world with rich historical beauties, and is named after the ancient Queen of Smyrna, an Amazon queen. İzmir, which has hosted many civilizations; Ardemisio-Efesos, one of the world's seven wonders, the Agora from Romans, the oldest known bridge in the Guinness Book of Records and many other historical traces.

Since the 16th century, as a port city, İzmir has gained an important place in the world and Mediterranean trade, and it is the province where the industry is the busiest after Istanbul with its economic vitality. With its Free Trade Zone, international fairs, organized industrial zones and big port, domestic and foreign trade has developed in İzmir. Izmir is Turkey's third largest city, is the center of tourism and culture industries Aegean Region.
At the point of education and culture in İzmir, Ege University is located with its half-century-long history.
The university was founded in Bornova, one of the biggest districts of Izmir. The campus in Bornova consists of 3,450 decares and buildings used for educational, cultural, sports and social services purposes.
The university campus features a modern library equipped with state of the art technology, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, indoor sports hall, sports facilities such as football, basketball, mini football, tennis courts, exhibition hall and capacity of 729 people. Dr. Yusuf VARDAR - MÖTBE - Cultural Center is located in the Student Village, where most of the students are able to meet their accommodation needs, as well as cafeterias, student bazaars, hypermarket staff and students' lounges and guesthouses. In addition, Girls Dormitory affiliated to the Loan and Dormitory Institution also serves on campus.
Because of the fact that Ege University is located at the junction of Ankara, Istanbul and İzmir, the campus is very easy to reach from all parts of İzmir by metro which serves in Aliağa - Cumaovası - Fahrettin Altay - Evka 3 line as well as continous bus services of Metropolitan Municipality.
In addition to the various departments of Bornova, which are located outside the campus of the EÜ Rectorate and University, there are also vocational colleges in the Atatürk Culture Center, Çeşme and Ödemiş in Konak, vocational schools in Tire, Bergama, Bayındır, Ödemiş, Aliağa and Urla, Urla, Menemen, Mordoğan, Çiğli, Özdere, Cesme, Ege University Çeşme Education and Recreation Facilities, and Kurdağ Observatory. In addition to these facilities, there is a Summer Camp in İzmir Özdere where both students and staff benefit. With these opportunities, Ege University serves both students and collectors in education, science, health, social and cultural fields.
Ege University; It is the first choice of those who want to integrate the privilege of being an eagle and the pride of life for life, the knowledge that the modern age requires, and grow up as an individual who is open to all kinds of scientific, cultural and social innovations.


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